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    The Genesis Ark Abstracts series "Critical Points" are a collection of 100 physical works painted with Acrylic on framed canvas with nine unique digitally filtered NFT additions of each physical piece making 1000 to mint with 20K ADA 50B $Hosky & Chedda attached to 250 of the works, from a 10k ADA Mythic right down to a worthless Mythic Degen with 20B $Hosky & Chedda, these works are all representing renditions of key moments in the Cryptoverse, Forex and Traditional markets chart volatility, I hope you enjoy my works whether or not you trade the markets! Hodling your Crypto or NFT's this is a long trade and susceptible to extreme market volatility and my works help distract you from this Emotional roller coaster and bring you to a new light and inner peace...Thorn.

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    : 07597688995
    : 80 Parkway, Sketty, Swansea, SA28JE